Robust Learning Networks

Just how long can the author stay away from his blog and still retain a link to the network of individuals reading his posts? A very difficult question to answer and I can honestly say that I have no idea as to the responses of an audience that is varied in background and frequency. Although I can say that the content of posts will always reinstate an interest in the common word and works. It has been some time since my last post but I have developed a greater respect for the diversities of styles and content within Personal Learning Networks. I have read much on the development and use of the environments that can be created with working networks. Teaching careers have been enhanced greatly by the positive input from one PLN to the other.

After a period of time common interest in Education seems to gather like minds together no matter what the teaching style or content area being taught. The scope of members within the PLN grows exponentially with the increase of time and effort because of the common goal to gain more and more knowledge or subject matter within our circle of friends we learn from. The concepts of Siemens and Downes giving us the premise of connectivism connecting learners will increase the desire to be connected (Kline) and increase the amount of people in our network. This in turn increases the amount of time we must spend following our fellow network members but also increases the rewards of the increased knowledge within our immediate grasp.

Does the use of our PLN satisfy our need for social interaction?

Till next post. Later.


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