The use of MOOC in the development of a great PLN.

I just finished reading a Blog by Debbie Morrison, posted January 2013, which explained the use of a MOOC, (Massive Open Online Course) to help manage a developing PLN.

Debbie begins with the usual “Why have a PLN?” and expands with her definition of a PLN and the differences between PLNs and PLEs. Then she begins to show how the implementation of information within a MOOC, without reading all information within, can help to build a robust informational network of a large magnitude to enhance the PLN. And as with most PLN developers she recommends the regular participation and engagement even daily if possible in the maintenance of your posts, blogs and learning. Debbie mentions an importance of participation in subgroups that spring up from the major MOOC to enhance learning and possibly broaden the learning depth of your PLN.

Take a look at Debbie’s Bolg on at

A suggested look at her one resource created by her on which speaks about learning insights online.

My Personal Learning Network is the key to keeping me up-to-date with all the changes that are happening in education and how technology can best support and engage today’s students.” Brian Metcalfe: teacher, blogger at

Is a larger PLN necessary for educational growth?

Till next post. Later.


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