The Personal Learning Network of a Teacher.

The Personal Learning Network has almost become a necessity for teachers. As an educator we must remain on the cutting edge of educational information within our field or risk the possible dilemma of becoming known as a stagnated or has been teacher. As an employed teacher we do not always have the time to read educational journals in depth to remain current on new subject content and journals do not always tell the total story we would like to investigate. We therefore pick a journal up read some then put it down. Pick it up and read a little then put it down, usually forgetting the exact details of what we read previously. Having a specific place to reference a particular subject or content makes it so much easier to go back and re-read or reference a certain passage or person. Having a very well organized PLN to document our thoughts and organize our references, helps us to become an even more effective educator. At “Teach, Make a Difference”,  , they hit upon the importance of learning networks and the extent of their use today even in the New York Times. The individual foresight of several different educators on te@chthought,  has me investigating other avenues of my personal teaching and learning to possibly post to my PLN for greater ability to see myself as a teacher and to recognize my true style without self prejudice.

The following webpage discusses the 10 characteristics of an effective learning environment.  Although it is geared to the individual classroom of an effective teacher I feel that the content is very warranted for our discussion.  The asking of a great question is paramount to learning therefore is evident in a good PLN. Don’t hesitate to place a great question, or post, on your webpage, PLN, they create great headers for discussion or collaboration of information and people. Secondly as with Terry Heick you will find that the importance is in the question you have posted not the eventual answers which will normally become many. Then remains the other 8 points that Heick makes in his defense, and I will leave them to you to read.

A webpage, free, time searching the web, free, a great PLN, priceless.

Till next post. Later.


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