Getting Things Done

“Getting Things Done”, GTD, guru David Allen has a great message for all of us that are hesitant to get started on a project or to just take the time to work on our Personal Learning Networks. “Externalize” he says. Take everything that you come into contact with and keep it external to your personal self. Use it, organize it, and generate knowledge from it but don’t make it about “you”. These are just tools and they are external from your being.

I can’t thank Michele Martin enough for introducing David and his works to me, it has been a terrific read. From his book “Getting Things Done” to his webinars on YouTube to his interviews everywhere I have found a great deal of useful information in his words of wisdom. Mr. Allen even is proud to say that he still uses paper, a wallet note-taker to jot down ideas from time to time, that is where the ideas begin he admits. He has also introduced me to the idea of keeping an in-box even at a digital level that I can place tid-bits of information or links that I am just not sure where to place them but feel that they may be useful or informative in the future. This in-box although I have already found that I must go through more often than I originally expected. It also becomes very cluttered, but I must say very useful if you can find what you are looking for. So Stress-Free, well maybe.

David’s five steps to apply order to chaos will help to make your PLN much easier to organize and use productively. If you do collect information sites and process them to find out if these sites mean anything long-term to yourself then place it within your site to review it on occasion for its information and if it interests you to continue with the processes then use it as often as necessary for your education or pleasure. Literally from David, (1) Capture—collect what has your attention, (2) Clarify—process what it means, (3) Organize—put it where it belongs, (4) Reflect—review frequently, (5) Engage—simply do. Good advice.

If you are interested in David Allen’s Fundamentals Course check it out at .

A well organized PLN serves the owner well. 

Till next post. Later.


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