The PLN in Education.

Today we are going to take a slight turn to the side and check out the possibility and importance of PLNs in Education. More explicitly the creation of a PLN for educators. To do this we will first look at a site that has been of interest to me because of the links it provides for the information to why and how an educator can create a PLN for themselves within a short period of time.

The site that I am referring to is the Blog pages for educators or EDUBLOGS which is powering over 2 million blogs at the present time all of which are in education on varying subjects. The blogs are from teachers at K-12 schools, Universities and communities. The blog of which I am particularly interested in shows teachers how to create a PLN within days that promotes their educational interests. Take a look at the site:

Notice the list of ten things to do, if done in this order and with diligence I believe that the creation of a great PLN can be accomplished within a short period of time.

Remember your personal PLN is just that, make it your own. Your PLN should have your interests in mind. If in doubt as to the importance of what you have to say don’t hesitate someone will comment and let you know if you are way off base or if you are on to something of interest. By the way that reminds me, check out Pinterest site for PLN some items of interest that I will refer to later.

Just an interesting tidbit I found on a PLN, Mike’s PLN, at a video of the use of Greenscreens: Interesting, 

I had to use tinyurl to shorten the URL for our site.

A good PLN should educate.

Till next post. Later.


2 thoughts on “The PLN in Education.

  1. Great post, Bob! The “teacherchallenge” site is awesome, thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to add that to my list of sites for future ED 620 students to explore. ~ John

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