The development of a Personal Learning Environment can take on many different avenues. Each individual has a differing opinion on where they would like their personal learning experience to lead them. With the development of so many different Web 2.0 sites to enhance the personal experience in learning, it may become difficult to decide which sites to use. I personally feel that the more the better. In developing a spectrum of sites to influence ones own individual interests becomes actually very time consuming. The same effect happens when we are just surfing the web, there are just so many interesting websites. How do you choose? I have decided to personally link as many different sites as possible that interest me to my Personal Learning Network site, because each has their own positives to enhance my learning network. This WordPress site has caught my interest as being a great place to air my thoughts, many of which have roots in the Education of today and how it is affecting our young generation. I have chosen this as an excellent place to provide thought and expression of current educational viewpoints and issues. This environment will be helpful to me in receiving input to my viewpoints. Blogging may well become the best addition to my Learning Environment since the start of my Personal Learning Network.


One thought on “PLE

  1. Oooh… just after reading your first post, I read your second post which does exactly what I had mentioned. I’m glad to read that you may find an interest in keeping up with blogging. You have some great things to say!
    ~ John


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